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Leskovac is a city situated in heart of Laskovian valley in southern Serbia. The region of the city characterizes by a moderate continental climate with mild winters and warm summers. It makes that the area abounds in diversity and beauty of mountains, lakes, rivers, natural springs, canyons and gorges. The city is famous for many festivals. The most popular and well-known beyond the borders of Serbia is the Leskovac Grill Specialties Festival. Apart from this festival the city offers also various programs during the summer, such as the Summer of Leskovac, the annual Fair, and the Wine Days in Vlasotince. Moreover Leskovac has a rich history and tourists have opportunity to visit historic landmarks, cultural monuments, and Byzantine cities from the distant past. Including the other attraction of the city it is worth to mention about wide choice of places for young people to go out to for example the gardens of cafés which are open all day, discotheques, night clubs, and restaurants with numerous specialties by which the city is famous for. There are also cinemas, summer gardens, and more. Everything what is going to satisfied residents and visitors. 



About 35 kilometers from Macedonian border lies Vranje. It’s a major center of cultural events in Pcinja District. Most popular events worth to mention are Borina nedelja, Stari dani, Dani karanfila. An advantage of location of Vranje is fact that the city is near main significant attraction of Serbia: Prohor Pcinjski Monastery, Kale Krsevica, Markovo Kalea and Przar. Dramatic history is related with the symbol of this city-White Bridge called Lovers bridge. The story says about the forbidden love between the Muslim girl Ajša and Christian Stojan. In  result the father killed the couple. After that, he built the bridge. The city has traditional Balkan architecture.



Nis is a city in southeast Serbia-an important crossroad between central Europe and middle East also called ‘The Gate between East and West’. It’s located in Nis Valley, surrounded by mountains, two rivers, two beautiful gorges and many places of historical importance from various periods. It’s a typical historical city, an obligatory port of call for travelers passing through on a way to Greece or the Middle East.
There are many interesting sites worth visiting, dating from various periods. One of the ancient historical place is Mediana – a birthplace of Emperor Constantine the Great. There are remains of imperial palace with peristyle, luxury villas with mosaic floors, sacral objects and farming buildings with pithos. Unusual monument is a Skull Tower from 19th century. It was built by the Turks. This 3-meters high tower is made from quicklime, sand and skulls of Serbian soldiers killed in the battle of Cegar. Another place to visit is Nis Fortress a strong fortress from 18th century located on the Nisava riverbank, the remains of a Turks. There are many ruins of this fortress such as well saved walls, gates, armory, Turkish steam bath, post station, powderroom and prison. In Nis there are many memorial sites like Red Cross Concentration Camp and Holocaust memorial on Bubanj hill.
If you want to spend some time outside the city there are few places: Sicevo Gorge, Kamenica Hill and Niska Banja.