Makarska is the largest city of Makarska Riviera, with more than 13 000 inhabitants, which gave its name after the stretch of coastline from Brela to Gradac and riviera itself. The Makarska Riviera is one of the most famous destinations in Croatia. It is located at the foot of the mountain Biokovo on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The town of Makarska is the winner of numerous awards in the field of tourism, including prices related to city planning and beautification of the environment, quality and diversity of hotel services and tourism. The name of the city is mentioned in 1502 for the first time. It is derived from the proper name Makra, the name of the oldest coastal village, once the capital of one of the three counties of the Principality of Neretva. In the city centre and near the street along the sea called Riva there is the main square of the city – Square of Andrija Kacic Miosic with his statue by Ivan Rendic, built in 1890. The main square is where parties and other festivities are organized. The square was named after the popular poet, well known not only on Makarska coastline but also by all Dalmatian people: Andrija Kacic Miosic. In the north of the square there is The Church of St. Mark (Sv Marko) built in 1766. Behind the church there is an old school dating from the late nineteenth century, decorated with classic and neo-renaissance elements. Today it houses the Municipal Library, Gallery Gojak and the Musical School. At the Kacic Square, between the statue and the church, there is a Venetian fountain dating from 1775. An important touristic attraction is the Franciscan monastery of the Virgin Mary from the 16th century. In the monastery of the Virgin Mary, there is located the interesting museum, founded in 1963. The exhibition contains over 3000 species of shellfish from the Adriatic Sea and tropical and subtropical seas. These shells are especially attractive for its colours and shapes. On the mountain of Biokovo, the visitors can chase butterflies or drink clean water directly from the source. In this Botanical Garden we can find many indigenous and endemic species. Nature lovers will be delighted with many bike and pedestrian paths.

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