The farthest island in Croatia – Vis – is an area of 90,3km2 with beautiful beaches, charming cities and three mountain ranges located across the whole island. The place has a turbulent history. In the past, the island was under control of Venetians, Austria, France and England. Moreover, until 1989 Vis was a military-nave base of Yugoslavia and it was closed for foreigners. But this isolation eventually turned out to be helpful for the island – the nature is not destroyed and the architecture is superbly preserved. If you search for peace and breathtaking views, this island will be perfect for you. The sea around Vis is rich in numerous types of animals such as turtles or bottlenose dolphins. There are also plenty of plants to admire – almost 300 types of herbs, olive trees and grapes which are used to make high-quality wines. The main city of the island is called Vis. It boasts of monuments from ancient times such as amphitheatre and Hellenistic cemetery or town walls which in the past were surrounding the city. There are also few fortresses – in one of them named Batarija, you will find the Museum of Vis with interesting antique art. On the western part of the island, below the mountain Hum there is another place worth seeing. It is called Komiza. This small charming village will attract you with its beaches and nice harbour with lots of old fishing boats. There is also the Fisherman’s museum located in the old Venetian tower. If you appreciate sacral architecture, you definitely have to see the church of Our Lady of Pirates and St. Nicholas Monastery from the 13th century located around the vineyards.

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