Gdansk is one of the oldest Polish cities, with over a thousand years of history. It is a magical city that delights every newcomer. Gdansk is the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and the port city situated on the Baltic Coast. It is a cultural, scientific and economic center and communication junction of northern Poland. Together with Gdynia and Sopot, Gdansk forms a conurbation and metropolitan area known as the Tricity. Together they have a population of over 740.000.
Archeological research indicate that since the 7th century in the area of present Gdansk a fishing settlement had existed. Gdansk as the city was first noted in the literature in the 10th century.
The city has many notable monuments and attractions. The Main Town Hall is a gothic-renaissance building and one of the finest monuments of this kind in Poland. It was built in stages from 1379 to 1492. In one corner of the building there is a sundial from 1589 with a Latin sentence. Dluga Street is the most representative street of the city. In the past, it was the street were the richest inhabitants of Gdansk lived. What is more, most tourist attractions are located along or near Dluga Street (Long Market). We can find here the Neptun’s Fountain, which is the symbol of the city and a masterpiece created by a Dutch architect – Abraham van den Blocke. There is also a renaissance Golden Gate, made in the style of Roman triumphal arches. Another meaningful landmark is the National Museum, which contains a number of significant artworks, for example Memling’s Last Judgement.
A big attraction for children is the ZOO – located on beautiful hills, it has a surface over 100ha of land. In the ZOO live hundreds of species of animals. The main ttraction there is a modern glass house for chimpanzees.
Gdansk is visited every year by millions of tourists. It combines the cultural traditions of many nations. The city is often called the “crown of the Trinity” and is considered as the capital of Pomerania. Appreciate the beauty of Gdansk with all of its interesting monuments and landmarks.

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