Slowinski National Park

Slowinski National Park is situated on the Baltic coast. Placed between towns of Leba and Rowy, it was established in 1967. The park is one of the 23 national parks in Poland and one of the 2 seaside parks. It was formed to preserve the natural beauty of numerous lakes, swamps, bogs, meadows, forests and especially moving dunes, which are unique and the biggest in Europe. The name of the park originated from the Slovincians – people who used to live in this inaccessible area, where today Slowinski National Park is situated. The importance and value of the park is confirmed by placing it in many international networks of protected areas. In the past, the area of the park was a Baltic Sea bay, but due to activity of the sea, sand dunes were created and are slowly moving, as the wind and waves are continually carrying the sand. The characteristic symbol of the park is a seagull. Slowinski National Park is abundant in different species of fauna and flora, which make it a completely natural place, full of greenery. In the park about 250 species of birds live.
As for the tourist attractions – there are around 140 km of walking tourist routes, which make the park being considered as friendly for walkers and tourists. Contact with nature and breathing unpolluted fresh air are another benefits worth taking advantage of.

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