Sighisoara is one of the most popular Saxon cities in Transylvania. With well preserved city walls and towers, narrow streets and steep stairways, is compared with old towns of Prague or Vienna, and placed on UNESCO world heritage list. Sighisoara is also a place of birth of Vlad Tepes – inspiration of Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula. House where this famous prince spent his childhood can be visited on the Citadel Square.
On the same square rise the church of Dominican monastery, main Lutheran church of the city, and built in 14th century Clock Tower, which was hosting the city council. On the tower there are two clocks, each with a set of figurines, which move every full hour.
On the hill above a city stand “Church on the Hill”. This masterpiece of gothic architecture was constructed for almost two centuries, from 1345 to 1525. Furniture inside is mostly renaissance, with gothic altarpiece from 1520 and amazing frescos of Last Judgement from 15th century. The painter of the altar was Johan Stoss, son of famous sculptor Viet Stoss. Probably painters of frescos came also from German schools of art.
The best way to the hill is a Scholar’s Stairs – wooden covered staircase. The wood has to protect from the weather boys going to the university, and people coming for mass.

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