Bled is a must visit destination, it attracts tourists not only from Europe but also from all over the world. It is a picturesque town situated in northwestern Slovenia in the middle of the Julian Alps, 45 kilometers from the border with Italy and Austria. Bled is the most popular health resort known for its thermal springs in the whole Slovenia and it is considered a symbol of wealth and luxury. The alpine surrounding creates unforgettable scenery together with: the glacial Lake Bled and its emerald green water, the medieval Bled Castle and a fairy tale Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage Church situated on a small island in the middle of the lake. The Bled Castle overlooks the lake and it is located on a cliff top, 100 meters above the water level, from where you can admire the breathtaking panorama of the region. When the weather is sunny it’s possible to see from there the highest mountain in Slovenia and the highest peak of the Julian Alps – Triglav. Bled Castle is considered to be the oldest Slovenian castle as its origins date back to the beginning of the 11th century but nowadays the castle represents a mixture of styles: from Romanesque tower through Renaissance courtyards and stairs to 16th century chapel pained with illusionist frescoes. The castle is protected by a moat with a drawbridge.
Bled is also a great choice for those who seek peace and beauty of nature. Being situated next to the Triglav National Park it offers a wide variety of mountain hikes. In addition, Bohinj Basin which is a winter and summer sports center is located just 20 kilometers from Bled.
Bled is also famous in the whole Slovenia for the culinary wealth, especially for the famous Kremna rezina, a vanilla and custard cream cake dessert.

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