In the heart of the region of Lower Carniola, near the border with Croatia there is a small tow called Metlika.
The biggest attraction of the place is the 15th century castle of Metlika located on the top of a Obrh Creek hill. Originally the seat belonged to the rulers of the Alps, it was the point of defense against hostile nations. Today the old castle houses the Museum of White Carniola. The exhibition presents the history of the local area. In the old stables of the castle there is a museum as well, Slovene Firefighting Museum.
An additional advantage of this place is also the fauna and flora of the region of Lower Carniola. Even the name of the city Metlika means the same as ,,Goosefoot”. Nature of the land is still largely intact by man. In spite of large groups of tourists visiting the place every year, there is one of the cleanest rivers in Slovenia.
For those who love wine, Metlika city organizes every year festival called Vinska vigred. Participants have the opportunity to taste wine, taste local culinary specialities as well as listen to the sounds of Sovenian folk music.

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