Radovljica, often affectionately abbreviated to Radol’ca, is situated in the northwestern part of Slovenia, 55 km from Ljubljana, above the confluence of the Sava Bohinjka and the Sava Dolinka.
The history of Radovljica dates back to the medieval times when settled by the early Slavs the city was evolving from a market town to an important trading center. In the 15th century Radovljica was a castle-town with a church surrounded by city walls and a moat and soon it became a fortress for the region. Radovljica was destroyed by the Turks in 1475 and later on, in the 16th and 17th century, it was rebuilt which gave the town a Gothic and Renaissance character.
The town has many well-preserved tourist attractions like remnants of the medieval city walls, towers and the only remaining defensive moat in Slovenia. The main square named after Anton Tomaz Linhart, a playwright and historian who was born in Radovljica, is a place where events and festivals are regularly held.
Radovljica won’t disappoint even the biggest fans of museums as it offers the unique possibility to visit: The Radovljica Municipal Museum with exhibition about the most important Slovenian dramatists, The Mosnje Local Museum which presents the history of the town, next to which are the archaeological findings of the Roman villa Rustica, The Gingerbread Museum and Workshop and Kropa Blacksmith’s Museum. Another interesting fact about Radovljica is that it is a Slovenian center of beekeeping with a rich history, documented in The Museum of Apiculture.
The most important monument of civil engineering in Radovljica is the Chuch of St. Peter with the vicarage from the 15th century and Sivec House – a completely preserved burgher house with a medieval ground plan decorated with frescos from the 17th century.
Radovljica is also a great choice for those who seek peace and beauty of nature as it is situated on a hilltop with a view a view on the Julian Alps. The town has a wide variety of cycling and hiking paths and just 7 km from Radovljica is situated the most popular tourist destination in Slovenia – Bled. Bled is a town with a glacial Lake and Bled Castle on a cliff top.

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