Ribnica is a town in the southern Slovenia, it is a part of the traditional region of Lower Carniola and it is located around 40 kilometers from Lubljana. According to the archeological evidence the area of Ribnica has been settled in the Bronze Age and it was first mentioned in writing in the 1220 which makes it one of the oldest cities in Slovenia.
A famous landmark of Ribnica is St. Stephen’s Parish Church with an altarpiece which was built in the second half of the 17th century. Its double bell tower which is visible from great distance was designed by Jože Plecnik – a Slovene architect in 1957.
For centuries the inhabitants of Ribnica were mastering the skills of creating wooden goods, so called suha roba (dry goods), which they used not only in their kitchens and homes but as well as a trade commodity. Ribnica has also a good fame in pottery produced by the local craftsmen. These two traditions are alive until today and it’s possible to buy suha roba and pottery in the annual traditional fair that takes place in Ribnica in the beginning of September.
The town crest features a fish because in Slovenian riba means fish. In a small distance from the town flows a river called by the same name as the town – Ribnica.
A big attraction in Ribnica is a partially preserved castle with origins dating back to the 13th century. Unhappily, during the Second World War the castle was destroyed and now only the foundations of the old castle, two defense towers and the linking passage remained. The castle features a memorial park of important contributors to Slovenian’s culture, a summer theatre and a museum of woodenware and pottery.
Ribnica is a great place for those who seek peace and beauty of nature. Thanks to its location it is possible to tour karst caves and chasms, hike and practice skiing in the winter.

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